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Welcome to 9LIVES, Owning & Zorbzy!

9LIVES keeps growing, with the newest additions of Owning and Zorbzy! Both players are top Fortnite NAW Pros who have plenty of experience.


Owning will start out as our Competitive Lead Pro. He has earnings from the first World Cup Qualifiers, and made over $2,000 in Winter Royale. Owning really made a mark in last season’s Daily Trios Cup, where he placed 16 times, placing first in 8 of those. Owning was able to make NAW Console/Mobile Grand Finals, where he placed 46th in one of the most competitive C/M events ever. We are so excited to bring Owning into the 9LIVES family, and to lead our pros to the next level. Please welcome, 9LIVES Owning!


Zorbzy is a special talent. He has placed on all three platforms, while being one of the more consistent players in the Fortnite Scene. Zorbzy’s first ever placement was August 29th, 2019. His last placement was August 20th, 2020 in one of the last mobile platforms cups. Zorbzy has earned money in every format he has played in. Solos, Duos, Trios, and Squads. you can trust Zorbzy to be a top competitor no matter the situation. He placed 11x during the Daily Trios cup, accumulating over $3,000. Zorbzy is also a solid Solos player, masking another $3,000 in Solos alone. In last seasons FNCS Solos, Zorbzy was a 3x qualifier and finished 32nd in the Grand Finals. We are so thrilled to have Zorbzy as our Fortnite Pro. Please welcome, 9LIVES Zorbzy!

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