We are not done! Now introducing, Voil and Nicolai to 9LIVES! Voil is a top Fortnite pro, with over $40,000 earned in Competitive Fortnite. He has made Finals in every single FNCS Format, and has also made countless Finals in DreamHack Tournaments. Voil is next up! Nicolai is a Spanish Fortnite Professional with plenty of talent! You can catch him on his stream where he dominates his competition. He will be a top talent going into 2021. Please welcome, 9LIVES Voil, & 9LIVES Nicolai!

Our Fortnite Content roster is pleased to announce Orange to 9LIVES! Orange is a top Fortnite Content Creator and looks to bring exciting and new entertainment to the 9LIVES community. Our plan is to create engaging content for all Esports/Fortnite lovers while also being a top team in Competitive Fortnite. Please welcome, 9LIVES Orange!

Our Fortnite roster has just been expanded by two more top pros. We are so excited to bring in TabzG and Lazar to the 9L family. Be on the lookout for these talented players in the coming months! Please welcome 9LIVES TabzG & 9LIVES Lazar.

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